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Dining Room Design Ideas with Round Dining Tables

How do you know which dining table shape is right for your home? It comes down to three key factors: the available space, your budget, and your style preferences. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to decide on your dining table shape, as well as how a round table can work in a variety of spaces showing you dining room design ideas!

First things first: the availability of space! Measure your dining room and review its shape. A clear understanding of the size of the room will make the decision process easier since you can filter out options that won’t fit the room. Now think about how your dining space will be used. What are the requirements the area needs to meet? How many people do you usually seat?

Once you have the space requirements settled, it’s time to think about your favorite style and the best shape for the room. When selecting dining tables for our residential interior design projects, we decide on the table shape based on the same factors. There are some cases where clients request a specific shape and we work around that making sure that the space allows it. Most of the time, however, we base our selections on functionality, style, and aesthetics.


Round tables are often used in smaller rooms where space is limited. They give you a little more space to move around the room. Round tables are also ideal when you need more seating in a smaller space since a round table offers more room for circulation around the table.

If your room has more of a hexagon shape or an unusual layout, a round table can help make the space feel more harmonious. Take a look at these dining room design ideas where a round table offers a grounding point for the rest of the room.


Dining Room Design Ideas with Round Dining Tables

In this modern space, a round dining table adds visual interest and balances the straight lines in the kitchen. Since it’s an open-concept kitchen and dining space, a round table helps differentiate the dining area from the kitchen island or peninsula.


Dining Room Design Ideas with Round Dining Tables


Here, the dining space also functions as a walkway between the living area (in the foreground) and the kitchen (in the background). A round table offers seating, but also makes it easy to maneuver around to get into the kitchen.


Dining Room Design Ideas with Round Dining Tables


Extra-long rectangular tables often get all the credit for being able to accommodate lots of seating, but a large round table can offer an abundance of seating as well. Plus, everyone can easily see each other, making it a great option for more laid-back meals or game nights.



This round table provides plenty of seating, while balancing out the crisp angles in the kitchen. In the kitchen, the modern vent hood and waterfall-edge counter create a sleek look. Whereas in the open-concept dining area, everything incorporates rounded edges to contrast the kitchen, from the round table and round-backed chairs to the circle-shaped artwork and rounded pendant light. Looking for more ideas on choosing the right light above your dining table? See our post on Modern Dining Room Lighting.


Sliding glass doors surround this dining space, maximizing the view outside. In order to keep a light and airy feel, the dining table features a substantial round glass top. The rounded tabletop and organic-shaped wood base provide the perfect counterbalance to the angular chairs and high ceilings.

Here, a square-shaped room with walls on three sides creates a more intimate atmosphere. A square or rectangular table would feel difficult to navigate and create lots of corners. A round table provides just as much seating, but keeps the space open and maintains flow.

Selecting the right furniture for your dining room is not always an easy task. The dining table sets the tone for the rest of the space and the type of table you pick helps direct the rest of the decor and selections. There are all kinds of different shapes for dining tables, but the most common are rectangle, round, square and oval. We can find endless options with different styles, sizes and features to meet the needs of any space. Check out our post on Dining Room Decor with Texture for more ideas on decorating this important space.



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