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Hallway Decor Ideas From Interior Design Experts

Hallways are often forgotten about, however, they should be decorated with the same love and design aesthetic as the rest of our home. We know that hallways come in different shapes and sizes, so it can be a struggle to decorate these connecting spaces between rooms. We’ve prepared our favorite hallway decor ideas from our designers that you can implement in your home to enhance these spaces, which will make a big difference in your decor. Let’s get started!


We already know the importance and benefits of incorporating art into your home interior, but if there is a perfect place to display your favorite eye-catching pieces, it might be your hallway.

Artwork is one of our favorite hallway decoration ideas. It is a simple way to add color, pattern, and personality to such a small space. It helps create a serious statement and adds in some personality.

How do you decide which art pieces to use? Consider aspects like size (for both the art piece and available wall space), color scheme (pieces that tie in with your home’s existing color palette), and of course your personal taste. If you are going to hang something on the walls of your home, you need to make sure you like it and that it will evoke good feelings for you. Pick art that reflects the emotions you want to feel while walking through your home.

A large statement art piece instead of a few smaller ones is another great option. See an example below where one single, bigger piece was placed in the hallway of our Contemporary Waterfront Elegance project.


hallway decor ideas by miami designers


When grouping art pieces, keeping each piece the same size will create a stronger statement. Here is an example below of two coordinating pieces in a hallway located next to the kitchen.


hallway decor ideas by miami designers


Wondering how to make the most of your art placement and how to use it as the starting point for an entire space? In the hallway below, this piece of art was integrated into the architecture of the space to become its own design feature.

hallway decor ideas by miami designers



Liven up your hallway with a gallery wall. There’s no better way to add a personal touch to your hallway than with family portraits or your favorite photos. Displaying photos and pictures will bring life to your empty hallway wall. Follow our designer tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall.


hallway decor ideas by miami designers


You can use the same picture frame style and size like in the photo above, or play with the colors and shapes like in this loft hallway below. The design possibilities are endless! Try different frame placements, sizes, and themes until you find the right mix.


hallway decor ideas by miami designers



Depending on the hallway, you can turn it into a usable space with a custom feature, like built-in bookshelves, a ledge or floating shelf, a sideboard, or a furniture piece. Installing these options will help you create a hallway that’s not only beautiful but functional. Plus it also gives you the possibility of storage and a place to display your favorite home decor or books. See a few examples below from our interior design projects.

Furniture piece for storage and display

Built-in cabinetry

Floating shelf installed in entry hallway
Floating shelf installed in the entry hallway



Sometimes, when hallways are narrow and space is limited, you can focus just on the walls. Give your hallway the style it needs with a rich textured wallpaper, tile, or even paint color. Patterned wallpaper is a fun way to add unexpected personality to a hallway. For something more subtle, consider a coordinating paint color or tiled feature wall that ties into the rest of your home’s color palette.

Another cool way to highlight a hallway is to cover the entire space, floor to ceiling, in a wood-look tile. See what our designers did on this home renovation.



Do you have any hallways ready to decorate in your home? We hope you got the inspiration needed with these hallway decor ideas to add a little love to these forgotten zones and create a space that stands out.

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