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Nature-Inspired Condo Design in Miami’s One Paraiso Residences

Perhaps the greatest designer, architect, and builder ever, Mother Nature, has inspired our newest condo design in Miami’s One Paraiso Residences. We’ve applied the concept of Earth or Land Art, in which artists created site-specific sculptures or art by utilizing the landscape around them, to our client’s retirement home. Here, we’re taking our cues from the ocean right outside the apartment’s windows to create a beautiful, organized, and artistic aesthetic throughout the home.

Our clients, a couple, have traveled the world, living in many different countries and are now ready to settle down, trusting us to design a modern, minimalist space, with a slight nod to Asian design. And we couldn’t be more excited to take on this challenge!

As we talked to them, we realized we’d have to adapt their condo design to their needs for space, form, and function. They follow a daily routine they enjoy sharing. To make their home fit their lives, each space must flow seamlessly into the next.

To do so, we’ll use natural elements in unexpected ways, and those elements will become the focal points. By intentionally placing materials in ways that create rhythm, contrast, emphasis, textures, and more, we’ve designed effortless yet impactful focal points.


 Condo Design in Miami’s Gran Paraiso Residences - DKOR Interiors


All of the materials reflect our natural color palette, which will be accented with hues pulled from the couple’s art collection.



 Condo Design in Miami’s Gran Paraiso Residences - DKOR Interiors



Nature-Inspired Condo Design – Interiors Spaces


Elevator Foyer

 Condo Design in Miami’s Gran Paraiso Residences - DKOR Interiors


The elevator foyer is the first impression of the home, so we had to go out with a strong design. Black marble flooring sets the tone for the mostly tan space. A strip of textured wallcovering is the first step in a layered look that highlights leaning painting and a stunning light fixture.

Entry Foyer


 Condo Design in Miami’s Gran Paraiso Residences - DKOR Interiors


In the home’s entry foyer, we’ve carried the black from the elevator foyer’s marble floors into this space on the linear pendants, frame, and carpentry. The pendants and the slatted wall create rhythm, contrast, and lines—nodding to the Earth Art movement. The couple’s painting is the only hint of color in the space, so it really pops.


Office/Art Studio

 Condo Design in Miami’s Gran Paraiso Residences - DKOR Interiors


The couple’s home-office-slash-art-studio has to be organized, as they’re a very neat couple. Gray wood floors echo the gray satin carpentry (used to store all of their necessities), while an eye-catching gray marble wall and the Asian-inspired artwork on it link the space to the great outdoors just beyond the windows.

These spaces are just the beginning! We can’t wait to show you the rest of this Condo Design. On our next post, we’ll share the master bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room. Stay tuned!


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