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Embrace the Natural Beauty of the Forest with this Palm Beach Interior Design Project

A place of natural beauty and serenity, forests are a haven for all who seek a breath of fresh air. This recent Palm Beach interior design project focuses on capturing this feeling with the concept of “Views from the Forest Nest.” In collaboration with Omega Builders and Brenner Architecture Group, the 9,000 sq. ft. property in Palm Beach Gardens will include timeless features that recall the sights and sensations of a forest, from biophilic elements and organic textures to an emphasis on natural materials like light wood and luxe stone.

To create a welcoming first home for the clients, a family of four, this residence includes large windows and an earth-toned color palette inspired by the forest. As you explore this Palm Beach interior design project room by room, you’ll notice the tranquil flow between the indoors and outdoors.

“I long for wildness, a nature which I cannot put my foot through, woods where the wood thrush forever sings, where the hours are early morning ones, and there is dew on the grass, and the day is forever unproved, where I might have a fertile unknown for a soil about me.” Henry David Thoreau



This light-filled foyer welcomes you into the Palm Beach home with immediate views of the backyard, as can be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows opposite. From the moment you step inside, the wood floors, minimal decor, and plants will set your mind at ease. Every detail from the wall lights to the thin industrial frame surrounding the artwork is elegant and streamlined.

Palm Beach Interior Design Project - Foyer Design


Palm Beach Interior Design Project - Foyer Design



As a key place to gather as a family, the dining room is the primary “nest” in this home. It features joyful pieces like the mid-century turquoise chairs that recall the feathers of a colorful bird. You’ll also find a wall of sculptural artworks that resemble hatched eggs, adding a touch of whimsy to the creative space. The screen separating this room from the living room provides some privacy while still embracing the open, airy nature of the home.

Palm Beach Interior Design Project - Dining Room Design

Palm Beach Interior Design Project - Dining Room Design


Step into the living room, the heart and focal point of this Palm Beach home. We’ve sought to achieve a balance between yin and yang with every touch, mixing straight lines with curved forms along with neutrals and pops of color. Sleek wood is juxtaposed with eye-catching artwork, including an abstract painting and bold red blown-glass chandelier. Custom built-ins provide a place for the client to showcase their family photographs, books, and meaningful objects. A floating fireplace separates the dining room from this living area, adding energy to the space.

Palm Beach Interior Design Project - Living Room Design


This spacious kitchen embraces minimalism and cleanliness with a few bespoke bells and whistles. The color palette matches the minimalist approach from the rest of the home while the large windows above the sink provide a view of the trees and sky. Entertainment is a top priority with six rust-hued bar chairs tucked neatly under the large island countertop. A stand-alone bar features its own sink and built-ins for displaying drinks and sparkling glassware.



Bringing the outside in, these Palm Beach interiors are streamlined and organized while still being warm and inviting. No matter where our clients wander in their new home, the stunning modern rooms are as inviting as a walk in the forest on a summer’s day.

Stay tuned as we reveal more spaces in this peaceful Palm Beach interior design project!

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