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Side Table Decor Inspiration: Two Shoppable Neutral Looks

We previously shared our tips on how to style a coffee table in our blog, Coffee Table Styling Essentials. In this article, we take things one step further by sharing with you side table decor inspiration, showing you two shoppable looks that are compatible with any side or coffee table in your home.

To avoid purchasing individual decorations that don’t go with your existing side table decor, we recommend that you plan your visual strategy at the beginning of your project. If you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Don’t leave an occasional table undecorated just because you’re not inspired. Check out these two shoppable neutral looks that will easily blend in with your existing home decor.


#1: An Earthy Rust Look


You can lay the foundation of the look you want with this terracotta vase by Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™. Its earthy appeal and black-and-white scheme make a great tabletop accent. To bring in a touch of nature, add a single faux stem in a neutral color to the vase, or create your own bouquet with dried hydrangeas or decorative grasses.

Place a small tray next to the vase, which will serve as the base for layering the rest of your side table decor selections, while keeping your look neat and organized. We chose this gold-toned circular tray because it matches the color palette while adding a bit of glam. It’s the perfect size for decorating with an interesting collection of objects.

Next, we used one of the absolute essentials for table styling: books, a stylish addition to your side table décor. We recommend Kelly Wearstler & Rima Suqi and Eight Homes: Clements Design, which make a perfect pair with their neutral cover colors. You can make the display even more charming by placing the books on pedestals. To make a statement, we threw in a ceramic garland with cream beads, and gold tassels that match the tray.

Side Table Decor Selections
Single Handle Vase – Opalhouse™
Side Table Decor Selections
Faux Rusted Croton Plant
Ceramic Bead Garland Gray
Side Table Decor Selections
Round Aluminum Tray Gold


#2: A Warm Neutral Look



The standout of this stylish display in a warm neutral palette is the contemporary glass decorative vase by Studio 55D, with its attractive silhouette and matte gray finish. We filled it with a faux eucalyptus stem, whose rich sage-green tone provides a pop of color.

We grouped a candle, trimmer and match striker on a modern circular marble base. Designed as a pastry board, this timeless accent piece is so versatile, it can be used just about anywhere.

We completed the look with a Decorative Metal Knot Figurine with Cast Gold. Its bold, unusual shape offers an element of surprise to the display.

Side Table Decor Selections
Matte Gray Glass Decorative Vase



Side Table Decor Selections
Decorative Metal Knot Figurine


Modern Marble Board


faux eucalyptus stem



Calm Candle

You can use the tray to display your favorited scented candle for a serene look and calming scent. We like the Wellness Calm candle for its understated and simple look. Its glass body, wooden top and neutral colors make it a perfect choice for virtually any side table-top display.

This candle wick trimmer in matte black is both attractive and functional. You can keep your candle burning the longest and avoid ashy residue, while displaying this elegant object featuring long, clean lines and appealing round shapes. Buy it on Amazon.

Display the matches you will need for your candle in this homey ceramic Ladorr Match Striker. It’s the perfect size for both on the Round Aluminum Tray Gold and the Modern Marble Board that we selected for these two shoppable looks.

Kelly Wearstler Book
Eight Homes Book

Dkor Residential Interior Designer

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